8 Best Humidifier and Air Purifier Combos To Save Your Money, Space, and Health

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Those who live in dry climates may need a humidifier to keep the air’s moisture level at its peak. Adding in an air purifier will take the dirt, dust, and bacteria out of the air, so it is cleaner to breathe. Rather than buying these two machines separately, many people are choosing the best humidifier and air purifier combo to take care of both of these issues simultaneously, save some space, and reduce their energy bills.

When choosing your humidifier and air purifier unit, there are a few features you may want to look into to be sure you have the right one to meet your needs. The first thing to look for is the type of filters it uses and how many come with it. This is because different filters remove specific impurities from the air. The coverage area shows the maximum room size the machine will work in. The dimensions of the machine show how much space it will take up in your home.

To help you choose the best humidifier and air purifier combo, we spent countless hours checking manufacturer’s information, looking over the product features, and reading hundreds of reviews. Then we chose the top products, created a comparison table with in-depth reviews, and added a buying guide at the bottom to help you choose the right model for you.

Top 8 Humidifier and Air Purifier Combos Review 2021


BONECO W200Editor’s Choice

  • Water tank capacity: 1.2 gal.
  • Runtime: up to 12 hours
  • Coverage area: up to 540 sq. ft.
  • Air purification: evaporator mat
  • Dimensions: 11.02 x 11.02 x 16.22 inches

More features: can be used with essential oils; low power consumption

Many humidifiers use a function that hydrates the air by spraying a mist out of the machine. This one from BONECO W200 uses an innovative evaporator mat instead, which turns inside the machine. As it does this, it washes the air, cleaning away the larger particles of household dust, pollen, and even those unwanted odors. Then it sends the moistened air back out again, cleaner and fresher to breathe.

The evaporation process is self-regulating, so it will always add as much or as little moisture as is needed automatically, with no alterations needed from you. There are only two performance levels to choose from as well, one for day time and one for the night. The high day setting is a bit louder, almost like a white noise machine, which some may find disruptive. Of course, the night mode is almost silent, so it won’t disturb your sleep.

This model has a water base that can be filled directly, plus has an auto-shutoff with a red LED light when the tank runs dry. Many of the parts, including the evaporator mat, are dishwasher and washing machine safe, so it takes very little effort to clean.

The machine also includes a fragrance container, making it the best humidifier for essential oil. Therefore, you can add your favorite scents to create the ambience you like. It also doesn’t take a lot of power to run, so your energy bill won’t go up by much, even if you’re using it every day.

What we liked:

  • Easy to clean
  • Large coverage area
  • Sleek design
  • Fragrance container

What could be better:

  • Runs a bit loud on high

OPOLAR EV01Budget Pick

  • Water tank capacity: 0.8 gal.
  • Runtime: up to 24 hours
  • Coverage area: not specified
  • Air purification: ionization
  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 13.6 x 7.9 inches

More features: comes with a nylon fiber and polyester filter; touch-sensitive LED display

The OPOLAR EV01 has a great budget-friendly price that pretty much anyone can afford. This stylish model also comes with a whole bunch of features that will make it a great addition to your home or office.

The filter for the air purification is nylon fiber on the inside and modified polyester on the outside, with a honeycomb construction. This filter removes dust, dirt, and other impurities from the air your breathing while keeping mineral deposits to a minimum. There is also the ionization option, which uses negative ions to trap those particles and eliminate them. The air that comes back out of this combo machine will be pure and clean.

This model is also an evaporative humidifier, which sends out an invisible mist that adds moisture evenly throughout the room. This technique also reduces puddles and leakage that other types of humidifiers may leave behind. The fan is low-pitched, so even on the highest setting, it won’t disrupt your day. It also includes a sleep mode for a quiet night’s sleep.

The EV01 is easy to clean, including the washable filter and very few nooks and crannies on the inside. It is also easy to fill with water using the grill on top and the water level indicator on the side.

The control panel is on the front of the machine and is simple to use, with labels for each button and the power button right in the middle. There is also a timer you can set for two, four, or eight hours of continuous runtime.

What we liked:

  • Great low price
  • Permanent filter
  • Easy to refill
  • Quiet

What could be better:

  • No auto shut-off for empty tank

Sharp KC-860UEnergy-Saving Pick

  • Water tank capacity: 1.14 gal.
  • Runtime: up to 15 hours
  • Coverage area: up to 341 sq. ft.
  • Air purification: true HEPA and carbon filters
  • Dimensions: 15.75 x 11.5 x 24.75 inches

More features: 3 speed settings; Energy Star certified

The Sharp KC-860U may be the bet humidifier and air purifier combo Amazon has to offer for a few reasons. It is a bit big and quite pricey, but the ease of use and the features it comes with may make it worth the extra money.

First of all, this model has a huge tank capacity and works well in rooms up to 341 square feet. It is also Energy Star and AHAM certified, so it is safe for your family to use without costing a fortune to run.

This model includes a true HEPA filter to get rid of the common allergens in your home, such as dust, pollen, and smoke. It also includes an activated charcoal filter as well to clear out the unwanted odors from your air. There is even patented Plasmacluster Ion Technology that sends positively and negatively charged ions to break down whatever is left.

The Clean Air function lets you use the air purifier on its own, or you can choose the Clean Air and Humidity function to turn on the humidifier as well to add some moisture to the air as it is cleaned of impurities.

There are three fan speeds to choose from. You can also set it to auto mode, which uses built-in sensors within the combo machine to monitor the air quality in the room and adjust the purification and humidification levels accordingly. The controls are all located on the top of the machine and labeled well for easy use.

What we liked:

  • Large tank capacity
  • Built-in humidistat
  • Solid build
  • Easy to refill

What could be better:

  • Rather expensive

DREVAL D-950Best HEPA Air Purifier and Humidifier Combo

  • Water tank capacity: 0.5 gal.
  • Runtime: not specified
  • Coverage area: up to 430 sq. ft.
  • Air purification: cold catalyst, cellular activated carbon, antibacterial and high efficiency HEPA filters, UV sterilizer, ionizer
  • Dimensions: 16 x 9.6 x 24 inches

More features: intelligent odor sensor system; sleep mode

If you like the cleanest air possible, the seven-stage filtration system that comes with the DREVAL D-950 is a great choice for your home. It includes a variety of filters, such as a pre-filter, HEPA filter, and charcoal filter, just to name a few. These work together to clean out all of the particles from the air in your home. This includes dust, pet hair, pet dander, odors, and germs.

There are also a UV sterilizer and an ozone-free ionizer to get rid of those little extras that the other filters miss, so your air is 99.97% clean. The humidifier then adds some moisture to the dry air of your home.

This model is very quiet, with a fan that runs almost silently on its low speed, so it makes less noise than a whisper. It also has a huge coverage area, cleaning and humidifying the air in a room or home up to 430 square feet.

There are a ton of great features included with the D-950 as well. There is a sleep mode that you can turn on manually when you want to dim the lights. The odor sensor also helps to keep the air as pure as possible in the room.

The controls are simple to use, plus is works well against various air contaminants. Unfortunately, the unit is a bit large.

What we liked:

  • Childproof lock
  • Remote control
  • Smart alert
  • Large coverage area

What could be better:

  • Very expensive
  • Large size

bblüv Ümi Ultrasonic Humidifier + Air PurifierBest Ionization Air Purifier and Humidifier Combo

  • Water tank capacity: 1 gal.
  • Runtime: up to 28 hours
  • Coverage area: up to 538 sq. ft.
  • Air purification: ionization
  • Dimensions: 21.3 x 7.4 x 7.2 inches

More features: aroma and essential oil diffuser; soothing night light

The bblüv Ümi Ultrasonic Humidifier + Air Purifier has a great low price without excluding the features needed for a high-quality humidifier and purifier combo. It is quiet to use, as well, so it is perfect for a bedroom or any other room in your home.

Rather than a filter that needs constant cleaning or replacement, this model uses ionization to trap the allergens and bacteria floating around in the air. Then these particles are neutralized, so the air leaving the machine is clean and healthy to breathe.

There is a large water tank that gives you up to 28 hours of continuous humidifying, depending on which mode you use. When the tank is empty, the humidifier shuts off and the machine beeps, though this can be disruptive during the night. It is also tricky to fill since you need to flip the machine upside down to access the tank.

The control panel is easy to access and simple to use. It controls the cool mist levels, the timer, and the nightlight, with a digital display that shows you all your settings. A 360-degree rotary output lets you adjust the mist direction.

One unique feature not found on all air purifier and humidifier combos is the aroma diffuser, which allows you to add essential oils or other aromatherapy. These scents are then distributed along with the clean mist for added benefits.

What we liked:

  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Decent price
  • Large tank
  • Timer and auto functions

What could be better:

  • Beeps when water tank is empty
  • Fills from the bottom

Venta LW15Best Air Purifier and Humidifier Combo for Tank Capacity

  • Water tank capacity: 1.4 gal.
  • Runtime: not specified
  • Coverage area: up to 200 sq. ft.
  • Air purification: Disc Stacks
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 10.2 x 11 inches

More features: filter-free; auto shut-off with refill indicator light

The Venta LW15 uses cold evaporation technology to both filter out the unwanted particles and add some moisture to the air. This works by pulling in the dirty, dry air, which then passes over the Disc Stacks. These moistened pieces rotate, catching the airborne particles and dropping them into the basin below. The air that leaves the machine is clean and hydrated.

The Disc Stacks are cleanable and reusable, so you don’t need to worry about spending extra money on replacement filters. They also make it impossible to over-humidify the air since there is no steam or mist exiting the machine. This also reduces leaking or puddles around this model.

The Venta LW15 is simple to use, with only 2 buttons on the top of the machine, one to turn it on or off and another to adjust the speed setting. This display is lit up with a blue light, which can be a bit bright at night for some people.

It is also easy to open up and clean this model when needed. There is a somewhat expensive cleaning solution designed to use for this purpose, though you can try other less costly methods to save a bit of money.

The 1.4-gallon tank is easy to fill and when it runs dry, there is an auto-shutoff and an indicator light to tell you when to fill it again. The coverage area of 200 square feet makes this a great option for small rooms.

What we liked:

  • No filters to replace
  • Auto shut-off
  • Two color options
  • Self-regulating

What could be better:

  • Cleaning treatment is expensive
  • Bright display light

Oreck WK15500BBest Air Purifier and Humidifier Combo for Home Use

  • Water tank capacity: not specified
  • Runtime: up to 15 hours
  • Coverage area: up to 115 sq. ft.
  • Air purification: HEPA and charcoal filters
  • Dimensions: 11 x 10.5 x 29 inches

More features: 4 speed settings; water tank and filter indicators

If you’re in the market for the best home air purifier and humidifier combo, the Oreck WK15500B is a good option. It uses a 2-stage filtration system, combining the benefits of HEPA and charcoal filters.

The HEPA filter removes up to 99% of the particles in your air, including dust mites, pet dander, pollen, allergens, and smoke. The charcoal filter gets rid of any unwanted odors from pets or cooking. The air leaving the machine is fresh, clean, and perfectly healthy for you and your family to breathe. These two filters do need replacement at times, though, which adds to the cost of the machine.

The ultrasonic humidifier built into this model uses a cool mist instead of hot steam, so it is completely safe. You can adjust the humidity level as needed for your home, plus it includes a built-in humidistat that sensed the room’s humidity level and adjusts the output accordingly. You can also shut off the humidifier when air purification is all you need.

There are a few other great features worth noting as well. One is the quiet function, which makes this a great model for bedrooms or nurseries. It has a filter indicator, so you know exactly when to change them out. The water tank indicator tells you when the tank runs low, plus shuts off the humidifier until it’s refilled. There is also a sleep mode for dimmer lights and lower speeds while you sleep.

What we liked:

  • Two-stage filtration
  • Built-in humidistat
  • Quiet
  • No setup

What could be better:

  • Expensive
  • Both filters need replacement
  • Strong initial odor

Four Seasons FS200Best Tower Design

  • Water tank capacity: 0.8 gal.
  • Runtime: up to 12 hours
  • Coverage area: medium to large-sized rooms
  • Air purification: true HEPA filter
  • Dimensions: 9 x 11 x 26 inches

More features: dial controls; low water level indicator light

When it comes to humidifier and air purifier combinations, the biggest issue that many people have is refilling the water tank. Most units have their tank in a very awkward location, which makes pouring water into it very difficult. This unit is, thankfully, the exception to this problem. The tank is very easy to move in and out, which makes refilling it quick and simple. This simple design helps to limit the number of spills, which is, obviously, ideal.

Not only is the tank very easy to fill, but the unit will also provide you with a low water indicator to let you know when you need to put more water in. Even though the tank is relatively small, it still can run for about 12 hours continuously without having to be filled.

As for the purifier functions of this model, it works extremely well. The certified HEPA filter works effectively to capture large, medium, and fine particulates that are floating through the air. This filter and the powerful fan make this a great option for medium or even large-sized rooms.

Adjusting the fan speed or switching between functions is also very easy. This model has extremely simple controls that make utilizing its litany of features a breeze. You simply need to turn the dial to the correct function and let the unit do the rest.

The only real issue that we found with this device is that it tends to be on the louder side. While it certainly isn’t as loud as a window air conditioner, it is more noticeable than a fan. This shouldn’t be too big of a deal as long as you aren’t using it while you sleep.

What we liked:

  • Compact
  • HEPA filter
  • Low water indicator
  • Long runtime
  • Easy to refill
  • Simple controls

What could be better:

  • Noisy

Things to Consider

Dust, pollen, pet dander, and odors can make it difficult to breathe in your house. When the dry seasons hit, these issues get even worse as the air in your home loses its moisture. To take care of these issues, you can buy an air purifier and a humidifier separately, or you can try out a model that combines these two products into one great appliance.

Why a 2-in-1 unit is a wise investment

There are a few reasons to get a 2-in-1 air purifier and humidifier combination unit. The first is that these products can cost quite a bit when purchases separately. Though some of the combo units can be a bit pricey, it is possible to find one that gives you the best of both worlds at a decent price. For instance, the OPOLAR EV01 costs less than $100, which is a great deal when you consider that it is purifying the air and humidifying it at the same time.

Another benefit of the combo machines is that they take up half the space. If you have two separate units, you need room for both of them, which can be tricky if you have limited space in your home.

These products also come with all of the features you’ll find on separate units, including multiple fan speeds, humidistats, and fragrance containers, plus require less maintenance over time.

Features to consider while choosing a humidifier and air purifier combo

8 Best Humidifier and Air Purifier Combos To Save Your Money, Space, and HealthIf you’re considering adding the best humidifier and air purifier combo to your home or office, there are a few features you should take a look at. This will ensure you have the right model for the air quality, humidity levels, and the size of your home.

Water tank capacity

The water tank capacity can vary from model to model. For instance, the water tank in the Venta LW15 can hold up to 1.4 gallons of water, while the DREVAL D-950 only holds 0.5 gallons. The smaller tanks are fine for smaller rooms or areas where you won’t be running the humidifier all the time. These are also quicker and easier to fill, especially if you’re taking the tank to the sink and back.

The larger tanks can run longer, due to the higher tank capacity, but are heavier to move around when it comes time to fill it up.


The runtime of these types of machines refers to the humidifier area, not the air purifier part of the combo. It also depends on a few different factors. The size of the tank is one thing that determines how long the humidifier will run since smaller tanks will run out of water quicker than a larger tank. Of course, the tank alone isn’t the only piece you should consider.

If the machine you choose has multiple speeds, this will also affect the runtime. Running your machine on high all day will go through the water in the tank much faster than if you’re using it once in a while. The lower speeds also won’t use up the water as quickly, so if you keep the fan speed on the lowest setting, it will increase the runtime of the machine. This is why the runtime on most brands is a bit vague, like the BONECO W200, which lists the runtime as “up to 12 hours”. This is the longest the machine will run at the lowest speed.

Coverage area

8 Best Humidifier and Air Purifier Combos To Save Your Money, Space, and HealthThe coverage area of a humidifier and air purifier combo is one of the most important features to look at. This is because buying a model with a coverage area that is less than the size of the room you’re using it in will keep it from working properly. It won’t be able to put out enough moisture to fix your dry air issues, plus it won’t be able to clean the air of the impurities as well as if it was in a room that matched or was smaller than the coverage area. Before you buy one of these machines, be sure to measure the room or apartment you’ll be using it in and buy a machine with a coverage area that is the same or larger than those measurements.

Speed settings

The speed settings cover both functions of your new combo machine. There are usually at least two or three, labeled low, medium, and high, or some variation of these. This tells you the speed of the fan, which pulls the air in and then sends it back out again.

The faster the fan rotates, the quicker the air in the unit will be cleaned and purified. This setting is best for rooms that are particularly dry and full of unwanted particles in the air. Once the air is cleaned, you can adjust it to a lower speed to maintain the air quality. This way, you can set it as needed, depending on the day or season.

Air purification technology

8 Best Humidifier and Air Purifier Combos To Save Your Money, Space, and HealthWhen it comes to air purification, you’ll want to look at the type of filtration system that is included with the model you’re buying. Some of the models we’ve reviewed here use replaceable or washable filters. These can include pre-filters, HEPA filters, charcoal filters, and even honeycomb filters. Though they all take the nasty particles out of the air, some do a bit more than others. For instance, pre-filters take out the largest particles, like pet hair. HEPA, cotton, or foam filters take out quite a bit more, adding dust, pollen, and pet dander to the list. Charcoal filters get rid of the household odors from cooking and pets.

There are a few other technologies out there as well that are a bit more modern. Ionizers, like the one in the bblüv Ümi Ultrasonic Humidifier + Air Purifier, produce positive and negative charges, which attracts the particles in the air and neutralizes them. UV lights also sterilize the air, getting rid of bacteria and germs that could cause an illness.


If you have a home with a lot of open space, you can likely get an air purifier and humidifier combo of any size without causing an issue. Of course, if you have smaller rooms with limited space, you’ll likely want a model that won’t require you to sacrifice too much of your living space.
8 Best Humidifier and Air Purifier Combos To Save Your Money, Space, and Health
Some people also prefer to keep their machines on a counter or bedside table, which means you need a unit that will fit in the space you have available. That’s why it is so important to check out the dimensions of the machine you’re buying. Some of them are square, while others are tall and thin. To be sure you have one that will fit where you need it, measure the space first and get a model with the features you want that fits in that spot.


The warranty is extremely important for any of the products you buy. Humidifier and air purifier combos are no exception. If there is some sort of issue with how the machine is working, this could be due to improper manufacturing or faulty pieces. The warranty ensures you don’t need to pay for costly repairs or a whole new unit.

Since so many different brands have varying warranties, you should always check this feature out before you buy, so you know exactly how long you’re covered for. The bblüv Ümi Ultrasonic Humidifier + Air Purifier only has a 90-day warranty, so if any issues show up after that, you’ll be paying for them out of pocket. The Venta LW15 has the best warranty of all the products in our reviews, covering you for a full ten years, so you’ll have plenty of time to test out your unit for any problems.

Extra features

There are also a number of extra features that make some of the models available a bit more convenient to use. One of these is an auto shut-off for the humidifier. When the tank runs out of water, it shuts itself off instead of continuing to run on empty. This prevents damage to the unit and tells you it needs a refill at the same time. Some models also have an alert beep and an indicator light as well.
8 Best Humidifier and Air Purifier Combos To Save Your Money, Space, and Health
A timer allows you to choose how long you want your humidifier and air purifier combo to run and shuts it off when the time limit is up. LCD displays show you all the settings you’ve chosen, like the fan speed, timer, humidity level, and water level.

Another thing you may want to look for is a built-in humidistat. This monitors the humidity level in the room. You can set your unit to humidify it to a certain level and the machine adjusts the fan speed accordingly to reach and maintain that level.

How to maintain your new appliance

Maintaining your air purifier and humidifier combo is important to keep it running well for a number of years. The following tips will help you with this:

  • Read the instruction manual before operating your unit
  • Change or wash the filters regularly
  • Clean the water tank regularly to prevent bacteria and mold
  • Wipe down the inside of the machine
  • Only run it as long as specified to prevent overheating


Though most of the models on our list are relatively simple to maintain, the BONECO W200 is the easiest one to clean and take care of. Instead of a filter, it has an evaporator mat, which you never have to replace. The mat and many of the other internal parts are easy to clean as well, using your dishwasher or washing machine. The rest of the internal area can be wiped down with vinegar and water when needed, so it won’t cost you any extra for expensive cleaning products.

This depends on a few factors. The size of the tank is one since a bigger tank can hold more water, so would need to be filled less often. Of course, you also need to consider how often you’ll be running the unit and on what speed. Running the machine on high will use up more water than using the low speed. Take a look at the maximum runtime for the model since this is the longest the machine will run at the lowest speed. This determines the minimum amount you’ll have to fill the tank.

Though all of the different types of air purification technologies are helpful in getting rid of the unwanted odors and particles in the air, there is one that stands out. The HEPA filters remove up to 99.97% of all of those particles as the air passes through it. They become even more effective when you add a pre-filter or a charcoal filter in as well, though they are perfectly capable of giving you quality air to breathe on their own.

Our Verdict

Air purifier and humidifier combo machines are cheaper than separate models, take up less space, and are easy to use. Though there are numerous different brands out there, a few of them stand out among the rest.

Our top choice, the BONECO W200 uses an evaporator mat to clean and humidify the air. It is self-regulating, with two levels, a large tank, a huge coverage area, an auto shut-off with an LED light, and a fragrance container. This one is also easy to clean using your dishwasher or washing machine for added convenience.

Our Budget Pick is the OPOLAR EV01. Despite its low price, it still comes with a washable honeycomb filter and Ionization technology. It runs quiet, plus includes a Sleep Mode, a timer, and a water level indicator so you can monitor the tank’s level.

The Sharp KC-860U is another decent model to consider. It uses both a HEPA and a charcoal filter, plus adds in Ion technology for air to make it extra clean. It also includes great features, like a large tank, three speeds, an auto mode, and a built-in humidistat. It is also both Energy Star and AHAM certified.

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