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What is HouseWeather.org

Our website is meant to help real buyers find their ideal products in the world of home climate appliances. Forget about the hassle of searching through numerous manufacturers’ websites, reading buyers’ reviews and trying to understand the products’ features on your own: we’ve done all the hard work for you! Whether you’re looking for a heater, humidifier, or an air purifier, here you’ll definitely find the perfect option for your needs.

What do we do here?

Our team of professionals does their best to make each review thorough and detailed. First, we study the topic in order to cut down the numerous product features to the essential ones. Secondly, after analyzing the manufacturers’ websites, verified buyers’ reviews, and the model’s overall popularity, we pick the best products available.

Our researchers spend from 30 to 80 hours on this preparation, consider tens of products, analyze hundreds of buyers’ reviews, and speak to at least three experts to get the full picture before actually compiling a new buying guide.

How do we do this?

For the theoretical part of our reviews, we study the most trusted information sources available including Consumer Reports, What Hi-Fi, CNET, and more. After the essential features are determined, we go to the manufacturers’ websites for each product’s specifications to find models with the most outstanding ones. Our final step at this stage is to read through hundreds of verified buyers’ reviews in order to know how reliable and long-lasting the chosen models are.

By the way, not each buyer’s review is worth trusting. Many of them are unnatural, written with the help of Amazon’s Vine Program, for instance. We’ve developed an effective way to determine such reviews technically, as we do trust that only real consumers’ experience should play the key role in influencing your buying decision.

Which products do we choose?

There is no one, ideal product that fits everyone. Some want to find a humidifier to ease their asthma symptoms; others need it for aromatherapy mostly. Do you need a large, powerful dehumidifier that can cover the area of your entire basement or just a little one to put into your gun safe? For all of the possible consumer needs, we’ve created a separate article, and in each of it, you’ll find a collection of various options for any scenario you might have in mind.

Open any of our reviews. Apart from the ‘Editor’s Choice’ and ‘Budget Pick’, there are several other nominations that might suit your needs. ‘Best Humidifier for Large Room’, ‘Quietest Air Purifier’, ‘Most Energy-Efficient’ – such nominations are meant to make your shopping way easier and faster.

What is our interest?

We are not sponsored by any specific manufacturer. All our picks are based on the thorough initial research, real product’s ratings, trusted reviews, and expert advice. We are free to choose any of the products available on the market, and no one influences our decision. Being the members of the Amazon Services Associates Program, we earn advertising fees, which do not differ within manufacturers, allowing us to be completely unbiased when choosing the top products.

Haven’t found what you were looking for?

We are continually renewing and enlarging our collection of the best products reviews. In case you haven’t found something, or have a question on some specific guide, product, or just a feature, we are always ready to help. Contact us to get a prompt answer from our team of professionals.

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